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The Chiropractic Adjustment

An "adjustment" in chiropractic is referring to the movement of a bone or joint to restore normal motion.  Many times - through falls, car accidents, day to day activities, or even just being born - Our joints become slightly misaligned.  Major misalignments, which you've probably heard of, are referred to as "Dislocations".  Though these occasionally do happen, what we typically see are injuries of less severity than this. We refer to these sub-dislocations as "Subluxations" or slightly misaligned joints. These can happen in any joint in the body from your toes to your skull, not just the back or neck.  When they do occur, we perform an "adjustment" to assist the joint back into normal motion.  This is typically a subtle movement of just around a millimeter. Occasionally, the patient will feel sore after their first few treatments as the body tries to get used to what we are doing.

Who get's adjusted?

Our patients come in many different shapes and sizes.  We've treated infants as  young as their first day of life and have several patients in their late 80's and 90's. Many of our parents bring their children with them during their treatment and the children are often treated as well.  Approximately 25% of Dr. Tyler Pertree's patients are under the age of 12.  They are treated for many things ranging from the thousands of falls that every child takes growing up to ADD/ADHD, asthma, allergies, colic, ear infections, bed wetting, and many more.  When their nervous system is functioning at 100%, it's amazing how quickly many of these conditions resolve.

You can learn more about our techniques here

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Dr. Pertree been successfully treating my hubby for years and is now working on my almost 2 year old. We are so thankful to have found such a great chiropractor and wonderful staff! If you want the best care from an honest group of people, this is your place.

Kelli E.
Oklahoma City, OK

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